Aquiline 9th Anniversary

Today the 30th of June 2020 aquiline ultra pro limited marks her 9th anniversary of existence. Nine solid years of providing quality and unparalleled products and services, nine years of quality assurance, nine years of great customer relation.

To us in Aquiline Ultra Pro Limited, It is a day of sober reflection and introspection on the road so far, a day to reevaluate our objectives and goals. Nine years ago, on Thursday 30th of June 2011, the company was birthed as Aquiline Global Ventures by a group of engineers from the following departments: Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering and Civil & Structural Engineering. Our objective was to form a company which will provide the platform to undertake business, services and contracts in Engineering services From Civil constructions (roads, turn key building projects), Industrial Welding, construction and heavy-duty machine services and Electrical Projects (rural electrification, alternative energy source, residential electrification, security and surveillance etc)

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The same year the company got her own Registered Architect. This meant that Aquiline Global Venture could officially design and execute projects for her clients without seeking the services of an external registered professional. This marked the beginning of our Architectural Dept under the Civil Engineering Dept.

In 2012, Realizing that ICT will be a very integral part of the development of the world systems, Aquiline expanded into ICT services, recruiting ICT professionals and sponsoring their training and periodic retraining. That marked the beginning of Aquiline ICT. Today, the dept is spearheading one of the most ambitious projects in Nigeria and at the same time providing ICT services that are top-notch and cost effective. Later same year, Aquiline Nigeria, welcomed into her ranks an astute Business Consultant and Economist Dr Bolaji Ademola and that marked the beginning of our Business Development Department, saddled with the responsibility of Project Management, to source and finance projects and contracts and to create opportunities for corporate engagement, Partnership and client retainership.

In 2018, with an acquisition agreement signed, Aquiline Global Ventures acquired VD Ultra Projects Ltd in a move that saw the company become Aquiline Ultra Pro Ltd. Today Aquiline Ultra Pro Ltd has 3 distinct departments providing various levels of Service, namely:

  • ICT Dept
  • Engineering Dept
  • Business Development Dept

The Engineering Dept has 3 sub-departments providing specialized services, namely:

  • Civil Engineering
  • Electrical & Electronics Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering

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