This department is responsible for all new business plans, Feasibility Studies, Business Management, Outsourcing, Product Marketing, Consultancy Services and General Contracts. The Department is also responsible for Logistics, Procurements and Supply Services, Recruitment etc. inspired Business Development and Branding enterprise with its core aim in efficiently facilitating and fast tracking the business development and buildup processes of companies and businesses in Africa.

We provide our consultation services to our clients at any stage of development of their businesses. From our consultation sessions, we help to make business ideas clearer and more practical, by guiding our clients on necessary steps to undergo for ultimate business success. We also conduct researches for our clients on various business ideas and concepts.  We see the uniqueness of every organization, and ensure to reflect their identity/brand in the most excellent ways through the development of our corporate documentation. We are able to develop highly informed and robust documentations for an organization after our consulting sessions with their representatives, and with basic information about the organization 

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This category involves the preparation and customization of company documents like;
  • Company profiles
  • Business/Project Proposals
  • Corporate presentations
  • Business plans/strategies
  • Investor proposals and
  • Tender documentation preparations.
Recruitment Department include the following;
  • Recruitment of skilled labour.
  • Recruitment of semi-skilled and unskilled (artisans) labour.
  • Staff trainings.
  • Staff productivity assessments.
  • Human resource consultation.
We offer these services based the selected recruitment package selected by the organization or client.
  • Feasibility Study
  • Business Research
  • Business Proposal
  • Business Consultancy
  • Business Planning
  • Product Marketing
  • Product Development
  • Logistic Services

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