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Electrical Engineering Department

Our team of electrical engineers and designers apply their deep knowledge of electrical codes and fundamentals coupled with their hands-on experience to design and implement cost-effective, intuitive, robust solutions for electrical challenges. From a short circuit/fault current analysis to an arc flash study, electrical gear upgrades to entire industrial plant electrical power and motor control systems, we have the skill set, knowledge base, and experience to fill your electrical needs, large or small.

Around the globe, we bring specialist expertise to solutions for buildings, transport infrastructure and energy, water and waste utilities. Our comprehensive services include energy audits, demand assessment, supply and system resilience, utilities consultancy and sustainable electrical engineering design. Whether in commercial property, retail, sport, mission-critical facilities, the arts or any market, we meet the creative and commercial demands of designers and developers. We are trusted to bring inventive solutions to complex technical challenges: from exemplar hospitals to science and technology facilities. 

Our electrical specialists work seamlessly with mechanical and public health engineers to create complete building services solutions. Beyond standard areas of overlap, our engineers become creative partners in the design process. Our collaborative approach is supported by advanced 3D modelling methods, known as building information modelling (BIM), that allow design teams to share an intelligent virtual project prototype. We contribute innovative uses of technology to solutions that merge creativity with efficiency. We are leaders rather than followers in technical advances and sustainability. Through in-house research and development, we ensure that clients get the benefit, rather than the risk, of innovation. As new energy ideas emerge, we help clients understand where they are appropriate and viable in their businesses. 



  •  Solar Powered street light projects
  • Solar powered Rural Electrification Projects
  • Solar Powered borehole System
  • Rural Electrification Projects
  • Residential Electrification
  • Transformer Installation
  • Procurement 
  • Supply
  • Sales of Electrical Consumables
  •  Sales of  Solar Energy Products

Our Services

  • Electrical design and drafting
  • Electrical plan updates
  • Electronic component selection and electrical system integration
  • Electrical testing procedures
  • Design of electrical components as well as manufacturing and installation plans from A to Z
  • PCB design using software, such as Altium 
  • Designer and OrCAD
  • Programming: Bluetooth, CPLD and PIC
  • Hardware architecture definition and component selection
  • Implementation of simulation studies and electronic circuit simulations
  • Improvement of assembly line productivity
  • Reliable schedule performance and project monitoring
  • Design work coordination and preparation of drafts, plans and specifications
  • Recommendation of suppliers and supply chain monitoring
  • Complete solution management: design, installation, equipment set-up and user training
  • Interpretation and design of automated systems from specifications
  • Programmable logic controller (PLC) automation, programming and standardization
  • Piping and instrument diagram (P&ID) design
  • Improvement of equipment safety, risk analyses and implementation of safety measures
  • Industrial automation, including industrial robot integration and programming
  • Design of communication protocols between all types of equipment
  • Integration of automated validation systems with Creaform’s 3D scanners

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